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and Innovation

Unlock the power of creative problem solving within your business and teams. Download our tools to help you through your design and innovation processes.

The Business Ideation Cards

Use these cards to jumpstart winning ideas within your business.

Customer Experience Session

Hey innovation leader, product and strategy head! Are you looking for ways to make your product or service more customer-centric and competitive?

P.E.S.T.L.E Analysis

The P.E.S.T.L.E analysis tool is to help teams understand how various factors can pose as a threat or an advantage to existing projects or solutions.

Venture Canvas Tool

This tool provides you with a good way to organise all your expectations around a new business solution.

Market Matrix

The Market Matrix helps us properly identify and compare markets, enabling us to note down key opportunities that can be adopted within our local market.

User Experience Journal

This tool will help you understand your users' thought processes and objectives as they use a product/service.

Design Audit Tool

This tool helps teams take a more in-depth look at their solutions, be it service, product or even an idea.

Idea Generation Tool

The Idea Generation Tool helps teams find inspiration for new and challenging ideas.

Financial Prototype Tool

The Financial Prototype Tool helps teams prototype and test price points that will best fit their revenue goal.

Trend Matrix

The Trend Matrix is a tool used to track how trends and external forces can affect Technology, Business, People, Culture and Policy.

Innovation Sourcebook

The tool is used to collect innovative products and services that have been successful in the market, to guide and inspire teams as they develop products.

Diverge-Converge Tool

Use this tool to guide you right from the point where you discover the problem to the point where a solution is birthed.

Offering Viability Tool

Use this tool to get estimates on how your new offering will impact the bottom line.

Implementation Map

The Implementation map is used to guide teams on next steps to take after coming up with a solution for a product/process.

Mountains and Valleys

Mountains and Valleys helps you have structured sessions that deliver clear next steps to accomplishing tasks and tackling problems.

UX/UI Process Framework

Use this process as a guide to help you as you design digital solutions for users.

Effort-Impact Matrix

The Effort-Impact matrix is a decision-making tool that helps companies and teams save time and make the most out of resources.

Empathy Map

The empathy map is a tool that helps you visualize and share what you understand about your customers.

What Design can do for Nigerian Companies

See how companies around the world use design to improve their internal capabilities, bring better solutions to market and dominate in their industries.

5 Whys Framework

The 5 Whys framework helps you get to the root cause of a problem.

Customer Journey Map

The Customer Journey Map is a tool that helps you visualize your customer’s experience as they engage with your offering.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a tool that helps companies map out, visualize and innovate on their business models.

User Persona Map

An easy-to-use tool based on fictional characters that represent the different groups of customers that will use your product or service.