Convergence Map Tool

This tool is used to identify complementing areas that you can use as inspiration to create innovative solutions.


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Convergence Map Tool

What is it for?

The Convergence map is a great tool used to identify complementing areas that you can use as inspiration to create innovative solutions.

When to use it:

Use this map to find out how your already existing products or service areas overlap to create opportunities for a new product offering.

Who can use it:

Product and Innovation teams looking to discover new opportunities to create more value for their company.

How to use it:

Download the Converge Map Tool.

Select two topics that are associated with your project e.g if your project is focused on ‘travelling’, your two other topics can be ‘hotels’ and ‘restaurants.’

Once you have all three topics, your project topic and two other topics, label the diagram with each one.

With your team, write out various trends that are associated with the topic e.g for ‘hotels’ a trend will be Airbnb apartments.

At the point where the three topics have trends that intersect, discuss with your team on how to leverage on those intersecting areas.

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