Diverge-Converge Tool

Use this tool to guide you right from the point where you discover the problem to the point where a solution is birthed.


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Diverge-converge Tool

What is it for?

Use this tool to guide you through the design process.

When to use it:

Use this when you want to conduct Design Research around a particular challenge.

Who can use it:

Product teams, Strategy and Innovation teams looking to find solutions to particular challenges faced.

How to use it:

Download the Diverge-converge tool.

Go divergent and that’s first researching to discover the problem (either by interviewing or observing your target audience).

Next is to define, which is also where we begin to converge to a point. From all you’ve gathered during the interviews analyse the data and take note of forming patterns.

After discovering the patterns, we go divergent again by creating low level concepts (prototypes) of the solution that can be tested with customers.

After you have tested, we then converge with the results from our tests and refine by making adjustments based on feedback from customers and move on with next steps.

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