Financial Prototype Tool

The Financial Prototype Tool helps teams prototype and test price points that will best fit their revenue goal.


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Financial Prototype Tool

What is it for?

This tool is for teams looking to validate revenue projections for new offerings.

When to use it:

Use this tool to validate revenue estimates for a new offering.

Who can use it:

Product teams, Strategy and Innovation teams, Head of Ventures wanting clear proof of an offering's viability.

How to use it:

Download the tool.

Start by filling the Total Revenue per Year row. This could be something you have projected with your team or using the offering viability tool.

Next fill in the Total Profit per Year. You could decide with your team what the percentage will be from the total revenue per year.

Then fill the Third row to identify the number of units needed to be sold to reach your projected revenue goal.

Write out what it will cost you to produce the offerings needed to reach your projected revenue goal.

Write the summary of all that you have calculated in the financial prototype section. You could share this part with stakeholders.

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