Idea Generation Tool

The Idea Generation Tool helps teams find inspiration for new and challenging ideas.


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Financial Prototype Tool

What is it for?

This tool is for teams looking to find inspirations for new ideas.

When to use it:

Use this tool when you are looking for an innovative way to address a challenge faced in your team/company.

Who can use it:

Product, Strategy, Innovation and every other team looking for new ways to address a challenge.

How to use it:

Download the tool.

Write out the challenge you are looking out to solve on a post-it note and paste at the top box.

On post-its notes, write out noteworthy concepts or ideas used by other companies or industries. It doesn't have to be within your industry.

After writing as many inspiring ideas as you can, write out new ways you can apply those noteworthy ideas to the challenge you want to address (e.g taking the sharing model of Uber and repurposing it for how millennial's buy insurance).

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