Implementation Map

The Implementation map is used to guide teams on next steps to take after coming up with a solution for a product/process.


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Implementation Map

What is it for?

A guide to help you delegate responsibilities that will ensure that solutions are properly executed. This tool is best used after deciding on the solution to go with using the Effort - Impact scale.

When to use it:

Use this tool after the team might have decided on a solution and the team is ready to implement.

Who can use it:

This tool can be used by Strategy and Innovation teams, Product teams, Digital teams and anyone looking to successfully implement solutions. 

How to use it:

Download the Implementation map.

After you have decided on the solution you want to implement. (This could be a solution from a previous session).

Write down who will be responsible for implementing the idea (this could be more than one person). Also, write down the resources (human, technological or otherwise) that would be needed to ensure this idea gets implemented.

Next, we want to have the timeline set. When do we expect the implementation to be complete? Write down the dates.

Finally, write down why the solution should be implemented. Be sure to include the resources and insights that support the solution.

Please note: This tool can be used after deciding on the solution to go with using the Effort - Impact scale

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