Innovation Sourcebook

The Innovation Sourcebook is a tool that is used to organise products, services and systems that have been successful in the market.


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Innovation Sourcebook

What is it for?

This tool is used to compare various innovative offerings and explore why they are successful.

When to use it:

Use the Sourcebook as a reference for inspiration when developing your innovative solutions.

Who can use it:

Product teams, strategy and innovation teams looking for new ways to add to their existing solution or to develop a new solution.

How to use it:

Download and print the tool.

Before you start, agree with your team on what innovation is to you. Make sure there’s alignment within your team on what you all understand as innovation.

Go online, and on popular media to find successful innovations in form of products, services and solutions similar to what you’re working on.

Fill into each row, the products or services, their descriptions, what their winning advantage in the market is and the stakeholders involved.

Compare the various innovations. Are there any similarities? Differences? Do they have similar winning attributes?

Use the common innovation strategies as inspiration as you work on your solution.

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