Mountains and Valleys

Mountains and Valleys helps you have structured sessions that deliver clear next steps to accomplishing tasks and tackling problems.


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Decision to Action Tool

What is it for?

Mountains and Valleys (The Decision Making Tool) is a visual tool you can use with your team to tackle challenges faced around a product or process. The tool helps you visualize what works, giving you a clear direction on what challenge to tackle next.

When to use it:

Use this tool when you want to tackle problems around a specific product or process.

Who can use it:

Any team, from strategy and innovation to product teams looking to organize strategy sessions aimed at addressing issues faced with a specific product or process.

How to use it:

Download the Decision Making Tool.

Gather a team with a recommended number of eight people maximum, minimum of 4 (including the facilitator and decider). The facilitator is someone who will guide the team through the process and the decider is someone with authority that can make key decisions during the session.

Decide with the team what will be the focus of the session. It could be around anything for example, addressing issues around a product or process.

Print out and place the Decision Making tool on the wall so everyone in the team can see. You'll also need to have two different colour post-its for your team to write on. Also have markers available that the team will write with.

Have your team write down on post-its notes things that are working (or positive things that are supporting your goal as you 'climb up the mountain'). Have them post it on the mountain section, these represents the high points.

Next, have the team write down the challenges they face, use another colour of post-its for easy differentiation (or negative things that are stopping you from reaching your goal or threatening to pull you down into the valley'). Paste these notes on the valley section of the map, they represent the low points of the area in focus.

Have everyone vote on the most pressing challenge. The challenge with the highest votes is what the team should address.

Please note: For this tool to be effective, we recommend you use it with the Effort Impact Matrix, and the Implementation Map.

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