Offering Viability Tool

Use this tool to get estimates on how your new offering will impact the bottom line.


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Offering Viability Tool

What is it for?

This tool helps you visualize and compare new offerings your team wants to launch into the market, to see which will bring the most value to your business. Use this tool to convince sponsors, stakeholders and team members on the best offering to bring to market.

When to use it:

Use this when you have a product/service you want to launch, and you want to measure the viability.

Who can use it:

Product teams, Strategy and Innovation teams looking to measure the viability of an offering.

How to use it:

Download the Offering Viability Tool

Write out the offering(s) you want to measure viability for. You can use this tool for a maximum of three offerings (3) and a minimum of one (1).

Fill each block with the necessary information needed. You could also refer back to the business model canvas you have created for the offering, so you don’t miss any detail.

Finally, make decisions on the next steps to take, based on the results for the most viable offering.

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