Trend Matrix

The Trend Matrix is a tool used to track how trends and external forces can affect Technology, Business, People, Culture and Policy.


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Trend Matrix

What is it for?

This tool helps you see how various trends either around technology, business, people, culture and policy can affect a particular project you are working on. This will further equip you with the right strategies to adopt when planing for the future projects.

When to use it:

Use this tool to clearly understand how various trends can have an impact on your project.

Who can use it:

Product teams, strategy and innovation teams looking to develop a new solution.

How to use it:

Download the Trend Matrix tool.

Decide on what trends you want to observe. On the horizontal boxes place your post-it notes with the project areas you want to track like topics, system components, users and time (formerly, presently and emerging).

Conduct research to identify trends that can affect the project. Write them on post-it notes in short sentences and place them inside the cells.

Review all you have written with your team, documenting key insights that will affect the project or should be considered during the project.

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