User Experience Journal

This tool will help you understand your users thought process and objective as they use a product/service.


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User Experience Journal

What is it for?

The User Experience Journal is aimed at helping you understand users' thought process and objective as they use a product/service even when you are not physically present to observe their activities. This is very helpful when you want to test the usability of a product remotely.

When to use it:

Use this tool when you are carrying out research on usability, remotely.

Who can use it:

Product and customer experience teams looking to test a product or service but constrained by distance.

How to use it:

Download the tool from our website.

Decide with your team the products you want to test then recruit your respondents.

Next, you can share the journals either physically or digitally. With this, your users can record their objectives and experiences on the journal. Ensure your users indicate their name and position to help you sort the journals.

Have your users start by indicating the name of the product they are engaging with at the top box, where it says ‘Product 1.’

Once they have indicated the name of the product, they can proceed with filling in the boxes under each product section.

Once all the products are filled, your team can then go over to look through and identify key insights to leverage on going forward.

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